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Driving together ensures a pleasant social ride from point A to point B. In addition, it is good for the environment and the costs can be shared. So, nothing but benefits!
As an organization it's therefore recommended to promote this kind of transport! But organizing such a carpool is not always that easy. Keeping an excel file containing all the cars, constantly receiving phone calls to reserve a free space in a car is not really the right way to work ... Sometimes there can be enormous pressure on the organizer. That is why we have developed this platform!

With Carpool Organiser you can create a carpool event super easy and free , with the corresponding information for the participants. Then the participants themselves can enter their availability, so that they no longer have to communicate via you, the organisation. This availability is visible to anyone who has received the private event URL. In this way, participants can contact drivers who still have a seat available. The driver can change his / her data at any time with a unique token. It is therefore not necessary for the participants to create an account.

Is it not completely clear yet how things work? Click here for a simple step-by-step plan how this works


On these pages you can follow the road situation in real time for both Belgium and the Netherlands!

Flemish traffic center

ANWB traffic information