Who can use it?

Is this a platform something for you?

This system has been made as simple as possible so that a computer leak itself finds its way into it.

CarpoolOrganiser.com was initially made by a leader of a youth movement who organized a carpool for his weekend. At that time the parents of the members could add and update their cars. With that system, they could e-mail or call each other to ask if there is still a seat available in their car. Because other groups were also interested in this tool, the idea came to make this for the big public. The intention behind this was that people could organise their carpool themselves without this going through one and the same person.

Now, when we think of the groups for which this can be used, this is very broad. The bottom line is that it can apply to every organization, youth movement, association, ... A teambuilding to a park or restaurant, a football match, day trip to the sea, ... There are plenty of possibilities to list!

We love lists.

Because people like to have lists, we will make an attempt to make a list here.

  • Youth movements
  • Sports clubs
  • Companies
  • Groups of friends
  • Families
  • Organisers of events or conferences